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We are helping together

We are giving a chance to adults with mental disabilities. 
Since the beginning of the full-scale war, we have baked and distributed more than 330,000 loaves of bread for free.

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    people with mental disabilities received the chance to work and socialize in a bakery.

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    330 000

    loaves of bread were received by militants, refugees, and people in the front-line territories.


Support us 

to give us a chance to work, bake and help people in need 


We bake 1500 loaves of bread daily

Our team, consisting of bakers, volunteers, and people with mental disabilities who stayed with us even during the war, baked bread that was received by thousands of people.
That’s a great amount for us. However, we recognize that there are many others who are in need of bread. We are going to dangerous areas in the Donetsk region, where people are lacking humanitarian aid. Additionally, people are still living in destroyed houses in the Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions.
People are eagerly awaiting our bread and will continue to rely on us for their sustenance.

Additionally, we are providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities who were forced to leave occupied territories.

We are feeding people together

We cannot do it without your help.
Every donation supports people with disabilities and helps bake bread for those in need.

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We provided 300,000 loaves of bread to people in need.

First, we delivered bread to liberated villages and towns in the Kyiv region. Later, we extended our deliveries to the Chernihiv region.
Currently, we send 5000 loaves of bread weekly to Kharkiv and other liberated territories in the region. Our team is heading to the Donetsk region, specifically to the hotspot of the war in Bakhmut. We have also sent bread to the Kherson, and Mykolaiv regions.






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